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Upper Killay Community Council serves the village of Upper Killay, the gateway to the beautiful Gower Peninsular. The Council comprises ten members (a mix of elected and co-opted councillors) and a clerk. The council normally meets on the first Monday of each month (except August, when we take a break for one month) in the village hall at 7.30 pm.

This page provides a brief history of the village and its amenities, provides copies of planning applications, dates and agendas for future meetings and serves as an introduction to subsequent pages where visitors to this site can find contact details for the community councillors and minutes of council meetings.

The Village

Upper Killay originally grew up as a small collection of cottages housing workers on the three local farms, since when it has gone through three major periods of growth.

In the early 20th century, when coal mining flourished in the area the cottages were replaced by a larger number of traditional stone houses and the village grew to around 100 houses in a ribbon along the main road from Swansea.. Thus it remained until the 1940s when Fairwood Common airfield was built near the village to provide a base for fighters to protect the docks and industrial facilities of South Wales. The influx of people associated with this meant major social change and after the war another 250 houses, half of them social housing were added to the village. In the years when the post-war ‘baby boom’ generation grew to maturity the village grew to its present size of around 550 houses.

The village stands on the edge of its next expansion as the extensive gardens of the traditional houses are gradually taken for infill development. The challenges that this provides to local councils is one that is being faced in many such urban fringe communities.


The community council owns an area of around ten acres of land (donated by a former resident in the early 1970s) on the western edge of the village, and within the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Within that area it has provided a village Hall, playing fields with two football and one cricket pitches, a children’s play area and a car park. In the late 1980s a community conservation project was established to create a wildlife habitat encompassing the remainder of the land and including the site of the former village pond. This project proved enormously successful and won a number of major national and international awards.

The village hall is a much valued facility for the village and hosts a number of village and other organisations.


Our next meeting and agenda are displayed below:


Latest Planning Applications

A list of planning applications in reverse chronological order is shown below. All plans are available in the village, for inspection by residents. Anyone wishing to view a planning application should contact the clerk to arrange a suitable time.


2013/0876 562 Gower Road Upper Killay Swansea SA2 7DR 02-07-2013
Rear conservatory

2013/0861 677 Gower Road, Upper Killay, Swansea, SA2 7HQ 02-07-2013
Rear conservatory

2013/0764 Fairwood Playing Fields, Fairwood Lane, Upper Killay, SA2 7JX 02-07-2013
Installation of 8no. 15m high floodlighting columns

2013/0818 Field opposite Killay Fach Farm Hen Parc Lane Upper Killay Swansea SA2 7JJ 02-07-2013
New roof (application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development)

Application Number 2013/0150 06-03-2013
Conversion of garage to living accommodation.

Application Number 2013/0197 06-03-2013
Variation of condition 02 & 03 of Planning Permission 2011/0326 granted on 22nd June 2011 to extend the period for the submission of reserved matters by a further three years.

Planning number 2012/1220 06-03-2013
Variation to condion - Installation of 2 no. 20 metre high floodlights and re-siting of 2 no. 15m high floodlights.

Planning number 2012/1661 28-01-2013
Single storey rear extension. 

Planning number 2012/1220 28-01-2013
Installation of 2 no. 20 metre high floodlights and re-siting of 2 no. 15m high floodlights. 

Planning number 2012/1293 28-01-2013
Two storey side extension and creation of new vehicular access and alterations to vehicular access and provision of new front entrance gates.

2012/1423 - 748 Gower Road Upper Killay Swansea SA2 7HQ 20-11-2012
Single storey front extension and two storey rear extension

2012/1379 - Swansea Uplands Rugby Football Club Fairwood Lane Upper Killay Swansea SA2 7HP 20-11-2012
Addition of first floor to existing clubhouse and external alterations

2012/1294 - Fairwood Fields Fairwood Swansea SA2 7JX 20-11-2012
Formation of two synthetic football pitches with associated 3m high perimeter fencing rising to 5m high behind goal areas, installation of 12 no. 15m floodlighting columns, ground works to level lower grass pitch and creation of grass training area, upgrading and two storey extension to existing pavilion changing block, construction of single storey toilet block, extension of existing surface car park, construction of a new internal access road and disabled parking, erection of two electrical substations, a water storage tank and pumphouse, landscaping and drainage and infrastructure works

2012/1220 - Land part of Swansea Uplands RFC ground Fairwood Lane Upper Killay Swansea SA2 7HP 20-11-2012
Installation of 4 no. 20 metre high floodlights

2012/1264 - 651 Gower Road, Upper Killay, Swansea, SA2 7HE 20-11-2012
Conversion of garage to living accommodation (application for a Certificate of a Proposed Lawful Use)

Fairwood Park Golf Club, Blackhills Lane. 07-04-2007
Proposed New Clubhouse & tourist resort, including accommodation, spa & liesure facilities.

Fairwood Park Golf Club, Blackhills Lane. 07-04-2007
Proposed New Clubhouse & tourist resort, including accommodation, spa & liesure facilities.

Killay Fach Farm, Hen Parc Lane, Upper Killay. 07-04-2007
Land adjoining 18 Hen Parc Avenue.  Erection of one dwelling, outline application.

2007/0224 04-03-2007

Middle Killay Farm.

Change of use, from stor to, first floor Granny flat, and ground floor agricultural store.

2006/2581 574 Gower Road 01-12-2006
Proposed single storey side extension, and two storey rear extension

2006/2573 728 Gower Road 26-11-2006
A pair of semi detatched 2 storey dwellings with detatched garages, to rear of property.

2006/2509 555 Gower Road 17-11-2006
Erection of a detatched dwelling.

2006/2468 Burscott, Fairwood Lane. 10-11-2006
Loft conversion, and dormer to rear of property.

2006/2178 620 Gower Road 23-10-2006
Two storey side extension, single storey front extension & rear conservitory

2006/2169 87 Summerland Park 23-10-2006
Single storey side/rear extension